Kataa Wembe

Industry News

Kataa Wembe is a call to action, it is a conversation and engagements, aimed at the notion that it is time for men to stand up against Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Female genital mutilation is a manifestation of deeply entrenched gender inequality. Where it is widely practised, FGM is supported by both men and women, usually without question, and anyone that does not follow the norm may face condemnation, harassment and ostracism.

It is difficult for families to abandon the practice without support from the wider community and it is often practised even when it is known to inflict harm upon girls because the perceived social benefits of the practice are deemed higher than its disadvantages.

Through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness on not just the harmful practise, but also create a conversation that will see men also understand the effects of this archaic tradition.

Our support structure towards this campaign includes composing the Kataa Wembe Song, Documentary (Featuring different personalities eg victims, activists and the people at the ground) Sporting activities (eg football, athletics, Moran jumping competition with a focus on members of the sports leadership at the grassroots, and Manyatta FC).

Our creatives came up with the song Kataa Wembe, sang by Kimintah, Saning’o, Lowaru Keri and Risper Naini. The Audio was recorded and mixed by Gabzoh, with the video being directed by Ogallo Peter.

Part 1 of the documentary features different locations in Narok (Masai Mara) and Kajiado (Amboseli) and has the following:

1. The video song.
2. Football activities at the grassroots aimed at bringing young men together and discuss the issue from their perspective.
3. Open talks (Baraza) by the youth, men and women in the society talking about FGM from their perspective.
4. Witness accounts by victims.