MaaJam Project

Parties, People

Cultural development is key to societal growth. Through exchange of ideas, people have been able to learn from different cultures, adopting the positive and most of the time, the trending things especially in lifestyle.

In 2016, Jamaican artiste Dondeman visited Kenya and we started a journey we called MaaJam. While at it, we (MaaFleva creatives) had interactive forum through which we discussed various issues affecting young people in both sides of the world. The main thing that came up was that, for a young person to grow confidence in his or her field, self esteem is important. Despite the concentrated effort in helping the African Girl Child to take her rightful place, her self esteem has been affected by various issues including FGM, less exposure and skin colour etc.

Coming from Jamaica, a country that has been able to export Reggae music to the world over, Dondeman encouraged musicians to also venture into the music business. He stated music business training for aspiring musicians and motivational and education programs are key in understanding the current trends and how best one can use their brands commercially to take advantage of this.

One of the deliverables of the forum was finalising the project with a song which was produced by MaaFleva Entertainment. The audio was done by Somi Records while the video directed by James Waciku.